Arnold's - 605 8th Avenue South

Only open from 10:30 - 2:45 you need to get here early to get a spot. They do have a line, but this is a must do when visiting Nashville.

Baja Burrito - 722 Thompson Lane

This place must put crack into their burritos, because they are addictive.

Clyde's On Church1700 Church Street

Looking for something different? Here ya go...Drinks and more.

Cori's DogHouse106 29th Avenue North

One of my favorite Hot Dog places. Try eating your way around the'll see what I mean when you get there.  I'm close!

Dozens Bakery516 Hagan Street #103

The place to go for pastries, bread...even lunch!

Hattie B's Chicken112 19th Avenue South

There are 2 locations for this place, both will have a line out the door, so it doesn't really matter which one you go to. This is not my favorite Hot Chicken place, but it is the quickest...yes, even with the wait. I would suggest Prince's but you'll be waiting twice a long. I do prefer the sides here though.

Hermitage Cafe71 Hermitage Avenue

Late night, early morning, or whenever, CASH ONLY THOUGH. This is a great greasy spoon. Cures your hangovers. 

I Dream of Weenie113 South 11th Street

One of the two of my favorite Hot Dog places. I like the Pimento Cheese Weenie.

Kung Fu Saloon1921 Division Street

Come here to drink and play!

Martin's BBQ410 4th Avenue South

Right downtown, behind the Omni Hotel. If you want some great BBQ, but don't want to try to find Tex's, then this is my #2 choice.

Mitchell's1306 McGavock Pike

Looking for a tasty sandwich? Then here's where you need to be. I prefer the Banh Mi or the Smoked BBQ Beef Brisket, but there isn't anything bad here.

Monell's1400 Murfreesboro Pike

THIS IS A MUST GO TO, especially for breakfast. Southern Family Style, you'll meet all kinds of people while dining here. There are 2 locations, the Manor, will be the easiest to get into, the Germantown location is the original, but you'll probably be waiting a while.

Paradise Park411 Broadway

When you're on Lower Broadway, it's late, and you need food, there is no better place to go. You can't miss the big neon sign. The tater tots and hamburgers are great! 

Pied Piper1601 Riverside Drive

Once you're done at I Dream of Weenie, head across the street to the Pied Piper for some of the BEST ice cream you've ever had.

Puckett's - 500 Church Street

They have a good assortment of food, but breakfast is the time to go for me.  When I can't do Monell's, I go to Puckett's.

Robert's Western World416 Broadway B

Katie swears by this place for their Grilled Cheese sandwich, I prefer the Fried Bologna myself. 

Rodizio166 2nd Avenue North

This is my go to for my Birthday... Brazilian Steakhouse...MEAT COMA, that's all I have to say. If you leave here hungry, you need help.

Rolf & Daughters700 Taylor Street

A little pricey for food, but their drink menu is spectacular.

Tex's World Famous BBQ 1013 Foster Avenue

This place is only open from 11-2, but they have some of the BEST BBQ in the world. I don't think that I've ever had anything I didn't like here.

The Grilled Cheeserie2003 Belcourt Avenue

If you're a grilled cheese enthusiast then this is where you need to go...Plus they have food trucks all over.

Two Boots Pizza1925 Broadway

My favorite pizza's to get here are the Bayou Beast (I know you think shrimp on a pizza wouldn't be good, but it is). The Dude, Super Newman, and A Gathering of the Tribes.

SATCO416 21st Avenue South

This place was once downtown, then they closed that location creating sadness in me, but this one near Vandy is just as good. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu.

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