Al's Deli & Grill1629 10th Avenue South

Great cheap eat when downtown near UAB. Great Greek food!

Delta Blue Hot Tamale - 1318 Cobb Lane

I prefer the M'Sippi Melt. Whatever you choose, you can't beat a good tamale.


Dreamland BBQ1427 14th Avenue South

Always a great BBQ place. You're in the South you have to have BBQ.


Gus Hot Dogs1915 4th Avenue North

If you are a hot dog enthusiast then this is the one place you MUST visit. Probably the best hot dog you will put in your mouth.

Milo'sToo many locations to list

I grew up on Milo's, and whenever I take someone to Birmingham, I have to introduce them to the greatness. You probably have already had their Famous Sweet Tea, but you have to try a Milo burger.

Sam's Super Samwiches - 2812 18th Street South, Homewood

Any samwich you will order is good.  Even the hot dogs.

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