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Former nationally syndicated conversationalist, Travis Moody is one of the most entertaining personalities in the country. Travis is high energy and reflects on everyday situations and the area in which he lives.

Travis could have been a doctor, lawyer or even an attorney, but he opted for show business. His mommy says he's 'special'. He is an only child...thank God. Travis grew up in a Christian home, so he likes to delve into that subject at times.

When Travis isn't on the road, he's working in radio making people laugh and think, and just telling it how it is, causing some to think outside the box.

Travis has emceed some of the biggest acts in country music. Each year Travis gets to host at CMA Fest in Nashville. He loves entertaining people and making them laugh.

Currently, Travis considered a ROCK STAR CHEF, being one of the top 300 Chefs in the world, according to the World Food Championships rankings.

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